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3 Ways a New Flat Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

A new roof can sometimes be a necessity; however, it can also be viewed as an investment. Many homeowners are seeking ways to improve their property whilst eliminating risk, as well as add value to their homes.

The search term ‘flat roof’ has seen a steady increase in volume on Google over the past decade and it’s no wonder! With advances in various roofing applications, there are a whole range of roofing solutions that are so high in quality, that trade associations are willing to help deliver guarantees of 20 years and higher. Furthermore, some of these solutions have been estimated to last much, much longer.

- Google Trends UK Search Volume for 'flat roof' 2010-2020


Associations such as the Confederation of Roofing Contractors allow members to offer clients Insurance Backed Guarantees. This offers genuine peace-of-mind as it protects investments on a much larger scale than any single contractor can offer. Insurance Backed Guarantees can also be transferred to the new homeowner, should you decide to sell your property, offering even greater value.

Aesthetic Quality

As opposed to traditional roof felt, modern roofing applications offer a vastly improved visual finish. Whether it be fibreglass roofing, otherwise known as GRP roofing, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer - a synthetic, durable rubber membrane), or liquid rubber roofing, the end result consists of a slick, seamless, contemporary finish. These solutions are also extremely popular for improving the aesthetic qualities of door canopies and bay window roofs.

Return on Investment

Another reason that flat roof solutions have grown in popularity is their ability to add monetary value to property. According to a new roof can bring a return on investment as high as 63%. In comparison, they estimate improvements made to kitchens, lofts, bathrooms and replacing the carpets to bring a substantially lower return on investment.


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