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How Much Does A Flat Roof Cost?

There are many factors involved in the costing of a new flat roof, however the answer is usually between £50 and £150 per square metre for standard fibreglass, AKA glass reinforced polyester. The average price for a new flat roof is around £1500 but this amount can be lower or higher depending on various factors.

We've put this page together to provide some guidance and an idea of what to consider if you're wondering how much a new flat roof will cost.

The Size of Your Roof

In general, the larger the roof, the more materials are required for its construction and in turn this affects the price.

The Type of Roofing Solution You Require or Want

There are many excellent roofing solutions available on the market, such as Fibreglass, EPDM Rubber Roofing and Liquid Rubber Roofing. Each of these solutions has different qualities and suit specific requirements, however for residential properties in the UK, fiberglass is usually the most popular option. For more information you should contact a reputable contractor and ask for advice. Feel free to call us on: 01205 316 563

The Hours Involved

Depending on the job, the amount of hours required to complete the work can vary substantially. This is often dependent on whether the solution can be applied straight away or whether additional work is required to clear the roof of tiling or shingles for example. A reputable supplier will often survey the roof and assess this beforehand.


Skylights are becoming more and more popular, adding even more natural light to your home. Replacing or installing a Skylight of course comes at a cost, so it's worth considering the benefits and your budget when looking for a flat roof installation.

We hope you've found this article helpful and if you need any further advice, please feel free to give us a call!

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Consider the roofing contractor's reputation and quality of workmanship when considering price as more reputable contractors will be able to guarnatee there work through associations such as the Conederation Of Roofing Contractors.


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